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March 3, 2015
 Reminder that we have a band Parent meeting tonight at 6:30 pm in the HS band room

Reminder that we have a band Parent meeting tonight at 6:30 pm in the HS band room

Here are the agenda items.  Hope to see everyone there.

Agenda Items

  1. Officer Reports
    1. Maribeth-President

                                                               i.      MS Uniform

    1. Matt-Vice President
    2. Debi-Treasurer

                                                               i.      Pop Can Drive results

    1. Connie-Secretary
    2. Troy-Webmaster
  1. Storage
  2. Voting new positions Food Organizers/Fundraising Champion
  3. Marching season
  4. Fundraising 
  5. Band Parent Gathering/Fellowship
  6. Other

Maribeth Picard
Whitehall High School Band President

Feburary 9, 2015
Spring Schedule & Festival Information

Spring Schedule & Festival Information

Good afternoon parents,

I hope this message finds you all well and staying warm this winter!

Attached (doc, link) you will find a schedule of all HS and MS band performances from now until the end of the year.  Also attached (doc, link) is the itinerary/permission slip for our band festival trip on Thursday, March 5th.

Our next performance is our pre-festival concert on Wednesday, February 25th at 7:00pm in the HS auditorium.  This concert will feature our 7th, 8th, and High School bands, as they will be performing their music they have been preparing for district band festival.  Call time for students will be 6:00pm.

If you have any questions regarding the spring schedule or our festival trips, please feel free to contact me.

Take care,

Mr. Raab

Matthew Raab
Instrumental Music Director
Whitehall District Schools


Feburary 3, 2015
Updates from Band Parent Meeting

Updates from Band Parent Meeting

We missed those that were not able to attend the band parent meeting last Wednesday.  Here are some action items that came from the meeting.

1.        We are adding two leadership roles to the band parent organization and we need your input.  If you know someone that would be good at either of these positions please send me their name and I will contact them to see if they would be a part of supporting our children’s musical events and opportunities.

a.       Food Organizer-  Our band kids get fed a lot throughout the year (especially during marching season).  This position would not be providing or cooking all the food J This position would be just organizing:  Like, deciding how the kids will be fed for each event and then soliciting parents to bring or cook or order the food (whatever is necessary for that particular event).  No experience necessary as we have some very experienced parents of seniors who would love to share their love of feeding our musicians.

b.      Fundraising Organizer- Again this person is NOT responsible for running all the fundraising events.  They are simply the lead person that will determine what events we will take on (either as a group for the general fund or as optional for band individual camp or trip funds), and what the funds from that event will be applied to, then solicit leaders for the events.

*Remember, the more parents that we have participating the easier it is on everyone, and the more benefits that we can provide for our kids and the band program.  So nominate someone that you think would be a good fit for either of these roles.  After nominations are in and accepted we will have a vote.  Also, co-leaders is perfectly acceptable option.

2.       Our band parent partyJ!  The date has been set for Saturday, March 7th at 4:00pm.  This is an adult only party!  This is our chance as parents to enjoy some fellowship time with old friends and welcome and get to know our incoming parents.  I am looking for feedback in preparation for the party

a.       We are still searching for a venue to host the party.  All ideas are welcome. 

b.      To help us decide what venue is going to work best, we need some guestimate as to how many parents will be hanging out with us.  So please respond to this email and let me know either for sure, maybe, busy or just don’t want to hand out with you J

More emails will be coming J

Maribeth Picard
Whitehall High School Band President